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About the Circle

The Northern Indigenous Stewardship Circle was established in 2021 to build connections and facilitate information-sharing amongst Indigenous guardian and environmental stewardship programs across Northern Canada. We work as a collective to support Indigenous governance, capacity building and cultural connections for our communities to be empowered as stewards of the land.

The Northern Indigenous Stewardship Circle is led by a Steering Committee of Indigenous Guardians and partners from across Northern Canada who are experienced in Indigenous stewardship and guardian programs. Learn more about our Steering Committee here.


Northern Indigenous Stewardship Circle's Vision & Way of Life


Our vision for the North includes:

  • Indigenous peoples empowered to oversee our own lands, waters, and wildlife

  • Unity amongst Northern Indigenous peoples, cultures & communities

  • Health and wellness in Northern communities

  • Strong capacity and highly qualified Indigenous people leading stewardship and guardian programs of our land and waters

  • Robust resources, financial stability, and employment and training supports that empowers stewardship programs to focus on the land

  • Community-led, culturally-based stewardship and knowledge-sharing methods and tools rooted in Indigenous knowledge and culture, as well as Western science

Our Way of Life

The way of life and values that guide our work as a network include:

  • Respect for the land, environment, and each other’s cultures

  • Resourcefulness - working with what we have

  • Strong communication and involvement of people in the community

  • Embracing traditional and cultural identity in everything we do

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